Project Sustainability Programmes

We engage in crop farming to raise enough food for our project school. Our farms contribute 30% of the entire feeding for over 260 children.

Students of Bethel Currently Enrolled

Free Education Program

Church Construction work at Masaka Christian Centre

Special thanks to our entire congregation and partners that have made this project a success!!!!

Bumali Zone Finally Gets Clean Water!

Residents here had been taking water from a pond which is fed by a leaking sewage pipe from the hospital! We thank God for First Church in Pella, for donating a community well


Under this project, we provide two hot meals to kids at our project school every day. Feeding a child per day takes an equivalence of £0.50 or $1. Most children come from home on an empty stomach. It’s at school that they get enough food to eat.


Most rural communities in Uganda have no access to clean water. Almost in every village we have visited, people share water with animals. Some ponds have stagnant water thus becoming a breeding ground to mosquitoes. The most vulnerable groups of people affected are the little children whose task majorly is to fetch water.


We also run a sponsorship program for the needy and vulnerable children of the community, pre-primary, primary and secondary school levels. Child sponsorship is only $300 per year!


Under this program a loving guardian takes on responsibility to support a needy child/ student. You are entitled to receive updates from the project and child in form of letters, academic reports as per school term. You are free to correspond with the child through writing.


Mission Trip - Uganda

We periodically receive missionary teams from various parts of the world to come and be part of teaching the children, construction, gospel outreach, painting, cultural exchange and many others.
Ap. Samuel Kawalya, Director